Consuming credit even if there isn't any holding in my account

As the topic. I have deleted all my holdings in Quimby. But it shows that it consumes 2 credits per day. Please fix it. I don't want to use up all my credits when I'm away from the game.

PS I don't know if can post this here. I will delete it if i can not.

You should send a mail to support, or use the in game support button.

Are you sure you have deleted all holdings in all worlds?

I am sure I deleted all of it

You need to deactivate the Quimby game world to completely “leave”. Else you will be charged 2 credits per day for server access.

Thanks. I didn't deactivate my account. It shouldn't consume anymore credits. Tks

This also works automatically after a while if you don’t have any holdings remaining on a game world.