Contrails Private Game World

The new Contrails Exclusive Game World is now live!

A game I really enjoyed growing up was the single player airline sim called Aerobiz. Unfortunately, no such modern single player airline simulation exists that encompasses the flexibility, realism and depth that AirlineSim provides. Would it be great to just kick back, play casually, build long term route plans and sleep without wondering if some blob, pre-existing carrier sets up a thousand flights a day overnight in the hub you had planned? Absolutely. Would I give my left arm to have a Single Player-ish experience to AirlineSim? You bet. So, the Contrails game world was born.

The concept of Contrails will be quite different. First, and probably the biggest difference, it is limited to only three players, myself included. Each player has claim to one of the three major alliances (StarAlliance, OneWorld, or Skyteam). From which, the player has rights to develop the real-world holdings of member carriers in their alliance. The holdings, and the subsidiaries of said holdings, must reflect the operations of their real world counterparts. Specifically, this entails which hubs are created.

Publicly accessible knowledge indicates which stations are considered hubs for a carrier. With this in mind, creating hubs in cities which are not considered real world hubs for that carrier are forbidden. The goal here is to ensure one does not have to fight to establish a hub due to inflated pre-existing carriers, usually found upon entering an already established game world, and to provide a more relaxed approach to developing your holdings through the experience. The alliance, the carriers therein, and the cities they operate from as hubs, are solely yours once claimed (exception being cities with multiple real-world carriers with hubs). If they are not, they are forbidden. There will be no infringement on this rule. You are free to create every one of the carriers in the alliance as holdings, along with their subsidiaries.

Perhaps the best part is, you can go to sleep every night knowing that some herpy-derp fake carrier sitting on a metric ton of cash, hailing from East or possibly West Bumblepoop, can’t decide to skewer your plans and flood your fledgling airline’s hub while you sleep. The only instance where you may expect a competitor to open a hub in the same city as yours are in similar instances in the real world (United and American in Chicago O’Hare, for example).

Fictional carriers are not permitted. There are plenty of carriers to choose from with a player’s claimed alliance, and with the ability to create interlining agreements between your own holdings, much of the world can be captured in the net you cast.

With regard to Non-Alliance airlines: Each of the three members are allowed to choose up to two (2) real world carriers who are not listed as a member of Star Alliance, OneWorld, or SkyTeam. Examples of these are some cargo carriers and discount airlines. Each holding can consist of their real-world subsidiaries, if applicable, but no more. The purpose of the limitation is to reduce unrealistic overcongestion of flight routes. This number may change depending on input from members.

And here is the other cool part - I’m eating the majority of the cost. That’s right. The only cost to you if you are one of the lucky two people to claim an alliance with Contrails is a reasonable $30 USD per month.

-All countries open for investment.
-Aircraft market, both new and used, consisting of aircraft from the year 1980 and onwards.
-Double Slots.
-No nighttime restrictions.
-Unlimited Holdings with no country restrictions (rules differ from settings on this one).
-Ability to set up own alliance and interlining agreements between own holdings.
-Demand at 50% for now, may revise at a later time if necessary.
-IPO’s allowed.

Interested? Send me a PM with the following for consideration:

  1. Home country.
  2. Active on Discord?
  3. First and second choice of real world Alliance.
  4. First, second, and third choice of Non-Alliance real-world holdings.
  5. A little about yourself. I’m looking for two other folks who are in it for the long term, so relaxed and easy going, non-confrontational people would fit this bill. Having a good sense of humor doesn’t hurt either!

A small update. One alliance remains to be claimed. If anyone is interested in developing SkyTeam member holdings on our private server, feel free to shoot me a PM with answers to the above.

All three alliances are now claimed. I want to thank everyone who expressed an interest in joining our little server. Should an opening ever come about, I’ll be sure to post it here.

Hi I am new player I am interested in the server