Coonnecting Flight Overall Rating and Shortest Connection

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I am absolutely enjoying Airlinesim already as a newbie! :D

When I search ORS for connecting flights It shows total three ratings for a single transfer stop connecting flight.

I am reckoning that last rating bar is the overall rating for entire journey.

Does providing shortest connection and fastest on total journey time contribute to overall rating for connecting flights?

I have notices each ratings on entire journey and price contributes to improve overall rating, but I am not sure providing fastest on transfer and journey time also attracts PAX.


Yes it will contribute a bit, though less stops and better connection rating on each flight will contribute more (the connection rating is next to the flight, not the one under the flights). Remember that if the passengers have to wait more than 3 hours from that the plane they come in land and the departing plane takes off it will impact the total rating.

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How about being shortest journey time? Does it contribute too?

Is there well described post or wiki page to read on "Connection Rating"?

At least at my business' hub I am trying to keep minimum transfer time which is 60 minutes, but I read somewhere that It is good to add just a single minute so I keep connections at the hub close to 61 minutes. Until slot runs out. :lol:

In my understanding, as long as your transfer time is under 3 hours, it doesn't really matter. 

I have got that regarding transferring time under 3 hours. Cheers!

But I meant, just for an example, when pax books flight from PEK to LHR. There was no direct flight. Only connecting flights are scheduled.

If there is one going via Singapore with minimum transfer time at the airport which takes 15 hours total.

Other one is going via Helsinki with minimum transfer time at the airport which takes 12 hours total.

Does this 3 hours difference in entire length of journey make difference in anyway effect rating or anything for PAX choice?

Yes, the shortest total time the better your rating will be and the more passengers you are likely to get.

The reason you should add an extra minute is that the system works in seconds but displays only minutes, so values are rounded. So a flight that shows as arriving at 13:00 may actually be arriving at 13:00:20, so if you have the next flight leaving at 14:00, the connection time won’t be 60 minutes but 59 minutes and 40 seconds, not enough to make the connection.

Cheers Bob! That answers the question. :D