Costs at different sized airports

It's quite obvious and was mentioned that the general price for landing fees,atc costs etc. would be higher in larger airports, this is quite clear. However, would small airports (2,3,4-bar airports) cost less than the default prices than in other services? Is is economically better to operate a small airports at ASPERN rather than other servers? If so-I could go for a nice little oceanic airline  ^_^

Thanks in advance!

What we wanted to prevent ist People starting with 33 Let's or so and flying for example between IAD and JFK and by doing so its a sign of Slot blocking. You should use a Let or Dash8 carefully with a purpose what it is designed to do. Fly with Lets to 1-2 Bar Airports and you are fine. Fly with dash's to 3-5 Bar airports and you are fine. Try and test the load with a dash between 2 mega airports and you still make some profit. If you upgrade to a bigger plane between 2 mega airports the landingfees will be less ...The Landingfees are there to make it economically unattractive to fly with 100 Let's between LHR and LGW or between IAD and JFK. but if you use a EMB-195 and when that is full a B737-900 or A321 then the landingfees will not hurt you that much as they doo with small planes ...

What about small airports into larger airports? A Dash8 is after all made to fly from say, Cheyenne, WY (CYS) to Denver, CO (DEN). A 1-2 bar into an a mega airport... The basis of the US hub and spoke system is to carry pax from smaller markets into a hub and distribute them throughout the US. Does the new system attempt to prevent this as well?

I am wondering the same as Barbula.  First time playing and did not do a lot of research flying small ERJ-135 from Denver to EGE and TEK but not make much money at all.  Should have done more reading before just leasing the planes I guess.

ERJ is a crappy plane so it's a pity you leased that.

Anyway, I suppose you can still earn significant profit from the outgoing leg (from major to minor airport)

Does the new system attempt to prevent this as well?

No, it doesn't, because the new charges for connections between small and large airports are significantly lower than between two large airports. Although they are higher than between two small airports. Just an example, Let-410 on Aspern, landing fees and ATC:

LHR-CDG: 2.209 AS$

LHR-BVA: 278 AS$

LCY-BVA: 142 AS$

As you can see, you will make the most profit with regional routes (if you can fill the plane), routes to your hub can be done economically, but with a smaller margin, and flights between two hubs will most likely not be profitable at all.