Country average salary in small countrys

I’m curious about how the country average salary of a job position is calculated. In some small countrys, there could be only one enterprise exist. So it looks like if you choose to found your airlines in thoes countrys, your salary will be exactly the country’s average salary, and you will lose the chance to improve your staff mood by raising their salary. Is this true?


every country has its own maximum for salarys. it isn’t unlimited.

choose one:

option 1: every week salary correction above the current average

option 2: put all salarys to the limit till the country average doesn’t move any more

and then put your salarys at bit more than average

Your logic assumes that you are the only carrier in your country (as in, no one else makes any flights to/from the country) whereas many carriers employ (contract) local companies for most of the jobs, also the national economy and average salary levels come into effect, which I’m sure AS team took into consideration. Therefore, if you raise salaries by 10%, it won’t raise the countries average by exact same amount.

Hope this clarifies the issue a bit


I don’tknow how to put it, but you could say every country has it’s pool of workers that act like several invisible airlines. That pool always remains at the original average. So if you are the only airline and you raise your salaries by 10%, the average salary will go up by only 2%. So it is possible to raise your salaries in order to improve your staff mood.


Sounds reasonable. But I guess the AS team makes the worker pool too small. From my experience, the ratio is far higher than 10% / 2%. It’s actually at about 10% / 9%, and so, very difficult to satisy my employee there.

Anyway, thanks for all three kind replies above!