Critique My (Newbie) Airline!

Hi Everyone,

I joined AS in early March just before Otto2 launched. So far, I have fallen in love with the game! I really enjoy starting on a fresh server instead of an existing one (mostly because I can't quite find success on an already established server).

I have had my Otto2 Airline, Royal Canadian Airlines since April 09th. So far, it has gone pretty well - but I know there are a ton of people on here who know 20x as much as me about the game. I am wondering if anyone can offer some tips as to how I can grow faster, become more profitable, etc. 

The strategy I have been working on has been transitioning to domestic 727-200 operations and DC8-62 for long-haul. For ultra-long haul, I have been using 789. 

What I have tried to achieve is a 00:00 & 10:45 North American departure wave, with international flights scattered in there to accommodate connections on both sides. 

I have linked screens to my financials, and I will like my AS Route Map below. 

PS: I accidentally ordered an A300 B2 on credit instead of leasing... I am left with a 50,000,000 loan, with 2,300,000 weekly payment... Should I temporarily stop expanding and funnel money to pay off the loan, or should I accept the payments and continue expanding?

Any suggestions to improve would be much appreciated!

AS Route Map

~ W

No one has any suggestions? :(

Im no pro but atm it looks like your doing really well and have made a fast start. Once you have the cash, start modernising your fleet and set up new hubs in other Canadian cities like Vancouver and try and aim to serve every single Canadian airport no matter the demand, using small, synchronised hubs, e.g. use Yellowknife to serve the North-West territories and Montreal for Quebec etc.

Oh and use a portion of your money to pay off that loan but don’t stop expanding because otherwise your competitors will catch up with you.

Might not the best player to suggest you anything, but here's a shot.

I think overall it's a well managed airline.

Keep adding routes, keep adding planes, around your intended wave time, grow your weekly departure to 2000,3000... If a city pair is fully-booked, try increase the price or add more frequency, or both.

Modernize the fleet and try to stick to 3 aircraft type to reduce maintenance cost. Also try to get rid the white elephant, having a single aircraft in the fleet is not good, operating it would add another maintenance type and not operating it would be waste of precious that should otherwise allocated to grow the business. 

If you look Riem, you will see that there is an airline that has something like over 90% of the Canadian market, and is the largest airline on that server and has been that way for ages. Some inspiration for you.

It seems their strategy is not so much Canada but rather connecting the entire North American market through three main Canadian hubs. Clearly it works.