CRJ 700s on Yeager

Hello, especially to the support team,

I have been wondering and I think this is a question that some others might have asked themselves as well: Why are there no CRJ 700s available on Yeager? For sure, there are a few of the more modern versions circulating, but only very few, but none (!) of the “classic” version (only one 700ER). I’m intrigued to know whether there’s a particular reason for that.

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I just went into the world with a quick tester airline.

You are able to order any of the aircraft, the old or the new, from the factory. There are none used, but that does not mean there is not the ability to get them.

The biggest operator of the CRJ 700 NextGen (a/c type 17210; not listing player by name) seems to have a medium age above 5 years, implying he got at least some of them used. And a quick look at fleet lists checks out my theory, with that operator having used a/c, planes from Jul2015 to Dec2020. Two of the smaller operators have one plane older than 6yrs old ea. So there are some - but not a whole lot…

I believed the original list of used aircraft to some degree they’re based off fleet lists from IRL productions. Not sure that is true whatsoever still.

But you’re more than welcome to order them from the factory. If you’re a used market purist, however, then you’ll have to hope one of the operators ceases. Usually used aircraft are not added after a launch. No one else seems to have ordered any of the other 5 types of CR7 (17200, 17300, 17310, 17320, 17330) except for one other operator.

Hope that answers your questions. If not, then let us know what else you need :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your detailed reply! :slight_smile:

Well, maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my OP (sorry for that!): I asked the question exactly because I was actually aware of the fleet lists. What I was trying to get at was why there are (almost!) no used CRJ 700 of the classic kind here, especially considering that there are so many E-Jets. Something similar happens with a few other a/c models as well (almost no classic Dash 8-400 available, but tons of ATR 42 and 72). I was just wondering why it happens that an a/c that is so popular IRL and that is also so widely used on other servers is almost non-existent on this server.

Might you know what the reason for that is? It just seems odd to me, especially because it does not reflect real life, given that over 300 CRJ 700s have been produced, almost double the number of the ERJ 170… Unless there’s something I’m overlooking.

Thanks again in any case!!

Not quite sure. As an eager Dash-8 Q400 user, I am all too familiar with it’s benefits.

If you look at an aircraft type screen you are told how many aircraft were produced in that server thus far. This would be I believe what came from stock plus any acquisitions from new. That number might not line up either, but the reason for any deviations, I cannot possibly answer, only speculate.

I prefer the E-Jet family and I know many proud advocates of it. Seemingly, the ATR tends to be more popular due to its two-tier format plus the ability to do cargo (an advantage now lost by the introduction of the great F-LCDs). That might factor into the decisions, but that’s just speculation.

Ok, thank you for attempting an explanation.

Well, I’m also an E-Jet fan, actually, although I do think that on smaller routes the CRJ 700s are superior, hence my question. Anyway, I’ll accept whatever’s there. I was just curious as to the reasons.

Thanks again and take care!

If the support team can still give me an answer to my question, I’d greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Hey there! I think the low amount of CRJ 700s might actually be a mistake on my end during the preparation of the game world, now that I look at it. Thanks for mentioning it, shouldn’t happen again! But as jetcruise said, all aircraft are available from the manufacturer if you’re looking to invest in some new machines :slight_smile:

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Of course! Well, I had been hoping for some used ones, but whatever, I just went with the E-Jets in the end.
Thanks for the reply (and for having the courage to admit a mistake - no biggie of course)! :wink:

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