Crj550 new model?

is the crj550 a crj700, or a new type of crj? Should it be addet in game ?

Its a CRJ700 with less seats and slight weight reduction. I dont know how much of a change would make AS put it in the game though

It’s a product about as useful as the CRJ440 (CRJ200 with less seats) or CRJ705 (CRJ 900 with less seats) “variants” which are rightfully also not implemented ingame.

You can easily make your own CRJ-550 on Airlinesim. Just install fewer and better seats on a CRJ-700 :wink:

It does have a modified MTOW so it could be USEFUL IN as

It’s MTOW is only 5,000kg less than the CRJ700, it really isn’t going to make a massive difference