Cross Switzerland - European Central Airlines merger

Euro CROSS - serving Europe on behalf of CROSS Switzerland. 20th of May 2022
Press Release | Cross the World

After almost six years of close cooperation, ECA and Cross decide to go one step further and unify their business into one single Holding. The resulting Group will emerge as the clear number one in Europe and will accordingly position itself as the most ideal partner of the region.

In this specific case, the Airline will from now on be managed by Cross Switzerland in cooperation with the Air Malaysia Group. European Central Airlines will furthermore be rebranded as ‘‘Euro CROSS’’, and focus on European point-to-point connections. In an attempt to fundamentally renew its Fleet, ECA will take delivery of around 200 new aircraft. In the meantime, the company will phase out its entire Turboprop Fleet, as well as all its remaining 787’s & older A32Fceo aircraft.

New Logo introduced by EuroCross (European Central Airlines)

European Central Airlines will be partially owned by Cross Switzerland (65,8%) and Air Malaysia Group (34,2%).

New Euro Cross livery (European Central Airlines)

Cross Switzerland livery

pre-merger European Central Airlines livery (2018-2022)

Franceavia, the French subsidiary of European Central Airlines, will on the other hand continue to see itself as a network airline and will specialize primarily on flights to and from Lyon and Nice. The company will be managed in close cooperation with its La Réunion based sister company, OVS (Overseas Express).
The company will replace all of its remaining A32Fceo aircraft by A32Fneo’s.

Franceavia new livery

OVS Express livery

pre-merger Franceavia livery (2018-2022)

New livery Central American (Panama Skyservice)


that Central American livery

Love love love love love IT ! It is very PanAm/Eastern-ish and is simply amazing to look at. The silver belly - is something i have always loved.

Old CP AIR (Canadian Pacific) with their orange livery and the silver belly planes are what got me in to aircraft to begin with. I can still remember seeing them take of from old YVR so many years ago.


Thank you so much!
Indeed, the livery itself is very much inspired by the Pan Am livery during the late 50’s & 60’s

I even drew the same Pan Am font since it was nowhere to be found… (at least the 50/60’s Pan Am font which looks so much better than the font used from 1973 on until 1991)

I must say I also prefer old liveries over the new ones - although I also design many Euro-white liveries, the silver belly ones (most with cheatline) just look way more elegant to me ^^

Yeah I also do appreciate the classic CP Air livery on the 747’s… can’t get any more 70’s like ^^
but Pan Am’s 1957-1970’s livery will always be my personal number one :grin:

KLA1726 will be the last Euro Cross (European Central Airlines) flight, operated onboard of a Turboprop aircraft (ATR72-600 reg LX-AZZ to be specific). The flight will leave Zurich on the 26th of July at 21:55 LT and arrive in Luxemburg at 22:53 LT.

LX-AZZ wearing the old livery with ‘‘Goodbye ATR72’’ titles.

LX-AJA wearing the new livery with ‘‘Goodbye ATR72’’ titles