Croydon backlog

hello as-team,

the performance of croydon within the last few weeks is pretty slow in comparison with other game worlds. e.g. the routemanagement-page needs really long and the server is producing many backlogs. right now croydon has a backlog of 8 hours. within the last few days there always has been a backlog between a few minutes and an hour. is there any particular reason for this?

greetings from vienna,


current time           		09.04.2012 09:36:01


Daily update    	00:00:00        	10.04.2012 00:00:00   	8,619,840 ms

That’s over 2 hours to do the daily update.

In the night from sunday to monday there´s a big statistical update (the weekly statistics) which causes a backlog on every server.

but usually the server is catching up, today it’s hard to play the game. you get a bunch of internal error messages, have to wait quite some time until somethings happens and right now the backlog is 7:30 hours

alleine das einloggen auf croydon dauert ewig, kann das auch an der größe der Airline liegen? jedenfalls ich mache immer das Forum nebenher auf und les alle Neuigkeiten, weil der Einloggvorgang so lange dauert.

It´s the time around Easter. There are some more people at the servers than usual

Due to the backlog, I lost money due to late arrival of already booked transfer flights of new planes

What is most disappointing is that ORS doesn’t work on Croydon. It is always deactivated, has been for weeks. Its like this instrument just isn’t there.

still a backlog of 3 1/2 hours and right now sides are loading in a terrible slow way. :unsure:

The backlog is increasing. There’s something fundamentally wrong with this server.

Croydon seems to have been back logged for several weeks now and not getting any better. It sure would be nice to hear some input from the staff on this issue.

yes, that would be nice. right now it’s 6 1/2 hours. it’s pretty hard to add transfer flights, you always have to calculate the backlog on the status page.

maybe you can shut down the server on a weeknight for logins, so that croydon can catch up?

Dear AS Team:

please make an advance check of croydon, I’m really getting tired that the server has problems since weeks! We have a several hours long backlog, ORS doesn’t work since last year, I can’t open my offices since last year etc etc etc


9 hours backlog, some of our alliance members want to quit because of the slow performance and problems.

can someone of the team please explain the situation?

the performance is terrible…you need a lot of time on Croydon

Maybe its time that the number of pax are reduced on all servers. Less pax means less flights which means less connections.

This is better than not being able to play at all.

I have games on both nicosia and croydon, both are stuck and basically unplayable. Maybe the solution could be to restart the servers, and current players get the capital they currently have to rebuild the airlines. When you restart, reduce the pax to real world levels. I think there would be many who would support such measures.



…backlog on Nicosia is 15 hours+ at the moment- I wonder how long it will take until we have more than 24 hours backlog…Performance is horrible every time i try to play the game.

thank you as-team for the information about the problem we got today by igm.

congratulations to the as-team, seems like you’ve found the bug, croydon is back on time!


Am I the only one or do other people have problems "writing" any new information? I.e. the server is working fine for any read info such as the flight schedule, but as soon as I want to schedule a new flight for example I get the Internal Error message…

Can anyone confirm that they also have this problem?


Edit: I can schedule new flights again, however it still sporadically drops out… Have a good evening