Croydon down?


Every time, I´m trying to come to the Croydon Server, there comes the message, that the connection was interrupted.

You’re not alone.

same here

Yep, Croydon is not available at the moment - we are working on this!

Croydon is back online again, but with backlog…

At the moment we occur another difficulty on Croydon, please stand by for further news

still down 18.26 GMT

Currently up again, but we can not determine what’s going on there and if it will be going down later on… :unsure:

down again

Internal Error…

still down

We are aware of that.

We suspect it’s a a hard-drive failure but we cannot be certain as of yet. We are in contact with the data center and we hope the problem gets fixed asap.

do we have an ETA on this?

No, sorry, not yet.

Croydon is back online right now, but this is probably only a temporary fix.

To find and resolve the underlying issue we will probably have to shut it down a few more times during the course of the day and/or the following days.

We are currently evaluating our options and we will notify you about any new developments.