Croydon ORS

I’m new to this so forgive me if I’m asking something that should be obvious: The Croydon ORS has been down for a good 18 or so hours now. I am constantly refreshing it but cannot get in. How can I tell when it will be back? Something to do with the game status page but I don’t really know how to read what’s going on there? Thanks.

If the server has some backlog you can’t use the ORS. You don’t have to refresh it all the time, just have a look at the status page. If there’s something "red" you can’t use the ORS.

Cracked it, thanks.

I can’t speak for all servers, as right now I only have active airlines on Croydon and Meigs, but while on Meigs I currently am able to make ORS Requests almost all the time, Croydon seems to rather unreliable - although this might be to the higher a server load (large airlines, many connections)

On older servers the server load is much bigger than on a new server. At a large airport with big Airlines millions of connections are computed.

Couldn’t use it for weeks now, its always down. Annoying.