Croydon slow, won't open pages...

What is on with Croydon? It is extremely slow and I can’t go fe. to the loan page, it brings an Erroro all the time.

Meanwhile manufacturer pages won’t open…

There were a lot of slow statistics queries, clogging up the database.

After killing them, it looks better. Overall, not a new problem, just an annoying one. Sorry for that.

Works better now, still slow but pages don’t freeze.


So is it being solved? It is really difficult now to handle the airline with hundreds of a/c and routes, as pages regularly fail to load with an ‘internal error’ message appearing after a while. It looks like it happens in cycles - everything is fine for half an hour, then there is a period of slow down. It also looks like not all the pages are being affected, some work fine all the time. Really annoying, AirlineSim takes a lot more time now.

It should be all the pages that query the relation statistics (pax and revenue figures for routes, transfer statistics etc.). We are working on it.

Good to hear that you are working on it… some pages still won’t open:(

Croydon is indeed very, very slow for the last two or so weeks. At this moment I hardly can enter the normal start page.

when’s the ORS gonna be back on?

As soon as the update-status has no backlog (please take a look at the link on the footer of each page in the game world)

Croydon appears to be well and truly stuck.

For me it seems the server gets stucked constantly after midday hours. Means after 1200 UTC. I already recognised this for a longer period.

Team, please check what is going on, as it is no pleasure to play in a game world that constantly get stucked and sites doesn’t open or take “hours” to do so.

Indeed, still very slow, pages open after hours of waiting, if they open…