Daleth Airlines Israel


Shalom and welcome to the official Daleth Airlines info-thread.

Here you can get further information about this special airline in the middle east.

Daleth Airlines is an airline based at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv-Jaffa and is charter member of WORLD ALLIANCE (formerly Connected World Alliance). It was founded in 2010 and since then the company carried about 9 million passengers.

The fleet consists of Embraer 195, Airbus A319/320/321 and Boeing 777-200 aircraft. 



We serve 42 destinations in 24 countries. But we cooperate with well-known companies to offer you connections to any part of the world.

In the future we plan to invest and expand to compete against the "mainstream" airlines of the middle east and try to improve our network.

We know it is hard because of the flightbans between Israel and the islamic countries but we are dreaming to add destination like Rabat/Morocco, Doha/Qatar or even Gaza/Palestine or Jerusalem/Israel/Palestine to our network some day... 

We are open for reasonable interlining-request or cooperations, so please don´t hesitate to ask.

(No competitors of our partner-airlines and World Alliance-Members)

Kind Regards and shalom,


Daleth Airlines and Expatriates signed leasing-contract!

Daleth Airlines will lease 3 B737-500 from Expatriates to replace the Embraer 195. This is a reasonable step to help our airline growing due to a loss of available cheap Airbus aircrafts.

Parallel to our Airbus-fleet we will operate Boeing 737 aircraft.

Expatriates will buy our owned Embraer 195.


Daleth Airlines broke the 7 Million-profit-mark on this 1 of April!!!!!! This is an April-joke? no, it isn´t! :)

We bought our first long-range-aircraft, A 777-200 which will be on service to Ho-Chi-Minh-City and Hanoi. 

A really sad end of an era...

Because of an apprupt collaps of Daleth Group, the Holding, Daleth Airlines and Tanzania Airways died yesterday, 19.01.2014... :*-(

Reason was a temporary liquidity squeeze, which we should usually solve at today´s week end closing of Daleth Airlines but it was too late.

We never had any problems of liquidity so the management is still shocked. All we can say is THANKS to all of our partners and the alliance-family.

Oh no :( 

A really sad end of an era...

...and you can restart!

Airlinesim ist echt langweilig geworden ohne dich :/

Echt schade dass du nicht mehr dabei bist auch wenn ich es verstehen kann :frowning:

Finde es auch schade! Wie konnte das denn passieren?