Dammwings Europe

[font="Verdana"][size="5"][color="#0000FF"]Dammwings Europe[/color][/size]

Fly low, Fly fast!

[s]Proud and only member of Goldstar drunken beaver alliance!

[/s][/font] [font=“Verdana”]:excl: [/font][font=“Verdana”]Now Proud member of World Alliance [s]


A lesson in history:


Long long time ago in the year 0815 after birth of the holy hops, a beaver called “Bierbär” lived his pitiful life.

After many years of hard “inbeaverly” work he was tired to maintain the nasty kerosine lakes, the regime had created in this area. Soon there was fuel shortage, chaos and the day of the flying beaver had come!


In 0815 1/3 the glorious Airline "Dammwings" was founded.

Why beavers are better pilots?

  • Beavers need less space in the cockpit

  • Beaver pilots do not die when a plan crashes, because they have an ejection seat. = More experienced pilots!

  • Beavers always fly low!

  • Beavers do not sleep at the helm, or who do you think guides the plan over this hill in front of us?

  • Beavers are always on time!

  • Beavers also fly full thrust on approach!

  • Beavers cannot misunderstand the Tower. They simply do not even talk to the tower!

  • Beavers have no unruly Paxes, at least not for long.

Why fly Dammwings?

The new excess baggage system:

1kilogram excess baggage costs 5kilogram wood (solid wood only)

from 21st kg there is a tasty snack for free!

from the 31st kg you carry the wood to the shed!

Don’t want to fly cheap cattle (no beavers) class as usual with other airlines?

Our cabin is wood-free guaranteed!

Woodworms have no chance!

The new wood-burning stove provides a slightly reduced coverage at comparable thrust.

You don’t need to worry, there are no poor beaver children employed to heat the stoves!

Human children are used, or do you want to clean the beaver children’s fur each night?

I guess not!

Man you really have some strange imagination!

Mankind is soooo crazy and cruel!

Beware of the Flying Beavers!


MAD >3000 flights

BCN~1000 flights


We offer flights to/from:

Northern Europe

Central Europe

South Europe

North Africa


East Cost of the USA


[size="3"][color="#006400"]Terms and conditions for interlining.[/color][/size]

Interlining should be a benefit for both sides.

Nevertheless there is no aversion against small and growing airlines :)

Please notice that I could [size="3"][color="#FF0000"]NOT [/color][/size]offer Interling…

  • for competitors of World Alliance members
  • for a competitor of an existing partner
  • within Spain (Airlines with HUBs in Spain)
  • without a concept/plan

Searching for interlining at following airports (or countries) updated

  • DME or SVO
  • South America (no Ewing competitor!)
  • other countries welcome

You can contact me as follows:

  • You can meet me at the AS IRC channel (quotenbiber) nearly every evening (German time).
  • Write me a ingame message

Languages: German or English

Dammwings Europe has become the biggest airline in Spain some weeks ago.

With 3883 flights from Madrid, we can offer flights to and from Europe, Nothern Africa as well as connections to Dubai and the Eastcoast of the USA.

Due to our high frequencies to nearly all important cities in Europe, we can offer good connections, with nearly realtime transfers.

No Dammwings Connections yet?

Please have a look at World Alliance special offers!

Business Partnership?

You are welcome to meet me at the AS IRC Chat!

Otherwise write me an ingame message.

Please mind my terms for Interlining.

[size="6"]Dammwings / Maximum comfort - Feel the difference! [/size]

Dammwings Europe

Madrid (MAD) with >5000 departures

Barcelona (BCN) with >2000 departures

Milan Malpensa (MXP) with approx. 1200 departures

Dammwings Greece

Athens (ATH) with over 1300 departures

Our new airline Dammwings Greece offers flights to nearly all major CIties in Greece and neighbouring EU-Treaty Countries.

Our Long-Haul schedule now offers several routes to Central America, South America (2x GRU & 2X SCL a day), as well as routes to several cities in North America!

Something new is coming soon!


Position on the market

Together with World Alliance, Dammwings Europe has managed to grow to one of the most important European Airlines! Dammwings Europe, GCLP Regional and my precious competitor Spain Fly have successfully strengthened their position in Spain. You can hardly miss us in Spain!

Where you can find us

Spain, Greece and Southern Europe are connected by Dammwings Europe and its subsidiary GCLP Regional, whilst Ecuador and the Caribbean are connected by Vicuna de Ecuador and Caribbean Blue.

The World is only one step ahead!

World Alliance, our concept of exclusive partnerships and our subsidiary companies offer a great opportunity to reach nearly every part of our planet. Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Tokyo… Dammwings and Partners will get you there in no time!

Service is our passion

Feel like there are 300 Passengers in your A320 plane and only one flight attendant?

Do you have the legs of the one behind you resting on your shoulders?

Next time book Dammwings and partners!

Searching for cooperation?

Ingame messages with requests for cooperation are welcome, but please mind that all my companies will be loyal to its existing partners.

Contracts with competitors of World Alliance members or my current partners could not be accepted.

I’m currently searching for cooperation in following countries:




(other countries will be checked after your request.)

Some final words

I would like to take the opportunity to thank my loyal and exclusive partners!

Some days ago our competitor in Spain has unfortunately gone.

He has been known as airline offering passengers nearly the same service than Dammwings.

This player has been substituted by an airline offering a poor product for dumping prices.

Dammwings Europe will continue to offer passengers the well known service and comfort on all flights to and from Spain.

A flat screen for every passenger, comfortable seats with lots of leg room for a very fair price.

Fly Dammwings and not with airlines offering less service and comfort than an animal transporter!

a animal transporter  :lol:

During the last months the Dammwings Group has become one of the leading airline groups on the European continent.

This growth is higly dependent from loyal partners offering a superb network around the globe.

Dammwings Europe and GCLP have become number one in Southern Europe. With our longtime partners in Europe, Northern Africa, Near East and America, Dammwings offers one of the best route networks in this areas.

Not to forget about the east, where Dammwings only offers a few routes.  The East is in the hands of good partners with a highly developed network as well.

World Alliance!

Go where you like - First class services, modern fleets and the best global network are just one step ahead!

Dammwings Leasing offering good rates for new players. Long time leasing with good rates.

Available now!











An area is about to find an end soon!

Dammwings Europe annouces that in great area is about to find an end soon.

Dammwings is about to suspend A380 operations entriely within the next 24 hours.

All flights have already been scheduled on new 787, but may be substituted or supplemented by 789 soon.

Last Dammwings A380 flights at MAD:

  • Final departure tomorrow, 6:43 local time. BDE4911 is heading to Sao Paulo (GRU), arriving 12:30 local time (GRU).
  • Final arrival at MAD: BDE3575  from Basilia (BSB), arriving  tomorrow at 15:38 CET.

There is no need to worry, all planes have already found a new place of action, which may be annouced later.

Hello to new players and small airlines!

Dammwings Group has several planes for new players:

  • A319/320/321
  • 737-900
  • AN148A,B,E
  • AN158
  • Q400
  • CRJ700
  • CRJ900
  • And fresh from the boat: two A351

Terms and conditions

  • New player
  • In case I need a plane back, I get in contact with you in advance
  • Airline must hold at least 80% of shares*

Please send me an ingame message and we find a good rate for you.

*Please note that I personally dislike the use of the stock market, as used by some airlines in the US, Canada, or Chile for example. Contracts with such airlines may be cancelled without previous notice.

Kind regards

Dammwings Group board of directors anouncement

Today leases of airlines have been canceled which Dammwings Group recognized as not or not fully following the Terms and Conditions.

This has not been transfered to other airlines of the same manager, 

as long as Dammwings cannot see that other airlines use the same irregular actions.

No names, no further information on the exact actions here.

Dammwings Group board of directors anouncement

Who can get interling with Dammwings Group carriers?

Everyone who is no competitor, respects game rules and knows the meaning of Fairplay.

Some people only know black and white when it comes to alliances, but it does not matter which alliance you are. Respect yourself (do not simply do what other tell you), respect others, who care about fairplay and game rules and play the game.

Did you cancel the contract before and want IL? Send me a message ingame.

All players: Have a great Sunday!