Dashboard- servers

Why are all the German servers listed as "Activated" and the English servers as "Available"?

Another question is how to deactivate server where you don’t have any holdings… it’s not possible! :D

It’s the other way around for me. Activated servers should be servers where your account is active (check your credit usage to confirm this), available servers should be those where you haven’t activated an account yet.

To deactivate any game world, log in to that game world and go to the options menu (the two cogged wheels) and select ‘deactivate game world’. I just tried it and the option is there even if no holding is present on that server, for that account.

I wasn’t aware that I had "activated" any servers. I have holdings on Croydon and Tempelhof. I had a holding on Nicosia, but I liquidated it.

I’ll try what you suggest anyway.

Liquidating holding on a server does not deactivate your account for that server! This means you’d have an additional 2 credits per day that would be used by this server, as was pointed out when the announcement went out to the German players.

Is that true for Stapleton as well? I understood this was a crash&burn replica of Templehof. Do I have to liquidate on Stapelton as well to avoid paying credits/day?

No, playing on Stapleton is free.