Data analysis of Idlewild - November 2017


Having been inspired by this post here, I felt it is time to round up the stats for Idlewild and show how we compare.

So here is the first comprehensive analysis of statistics of Idlewild. I'm quite impressed by the numbers. Let me know how you like that.


It is impressive to see that we have transported 137 million passengers in the previous week. Also, there are only 8 pure cargo airlines with quite a low average load factor. Passenger airlines fly much more efficient with an average load factor of 84%.


Asia is clearly the dominant market, with North America and Europe having a sizeable share in the global traffic. Load factor is not very high in Asia though.


Diamond Star is the clearly dominant alliance on this world with a market share of 47%. And it is interesting to note, that more than a fifth of the passengers fly with independent airlines.


Although Diamond Star has by far the most passengers, their average load is not too high compared to other alliances.


The top players are clearly ranked and have a clear winner with mickkey95 and his Romanian airlines. It is also interesting to see the varying load factors that players get.


FentlAir clearly sets the mark here in Asia as an independent.


While Diamond Star almost takes half of the North American traffic, the Blue Sky Alliance is also "at home" in North America.


Passengers can hardly avoid flying with Diamond Star when entering a plane in Europe as they occupy two thirds of the market.


In South America the situation is even more dramatic, but probably also due to the lack of other alliances being present on that continent.


The situation in Africa is pretty much the same as in South America.


Oceania is the home of One Sky Alliance and they have the biggest share here, although they don't dominate the market, as Diamond Star and All World Alliance fight for the second place here.


Cargo is a bit tricky to show by continent, as it only shows the cargo flown by home country of the airline. Since cargo can be flown world wide, this graph is a bit flawed.


No surprise to see the same big players in the cargo market. There are only five players trying their luck with a pure cargo airline.


Awesome stuff. Thanks Matthias!


Very cool, to see another server statistic! :)

Thanks, Matth!


Thank you, Matthias, for this comprehensive overview of Idlewild!

You do realize, this has to be done at least annually now, right?  :D


Monthly... :-)

Thanks, Matth, for this. If you need help to gather informations, let me know.


Thanks Matth! Great job.


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@matth will we see an update one year later?


Aehm, you can see a weekly update on


I’m aware of that LOL. But others might not be