Data analysis of Otto - Week 48, 2017


Being inspired by your positive feedback on last weeks statistic that I created for Idlewild, I felt it would be interesting to see how a new world is doing in comparison. To better show the dynamic growth of the world, I have added a comparative value (the previous week) to the graphs. It is quite impressive to see the explosive growth in just one week. Now is your last chance to get to the top of the stats, so push hard.


The competition is fierce with more than 600 enterprises fighting for passengers and cargo.

As a general explanation. The columns in the back with light color are the previous week's values. In orange you will see capacity, while blue is the actual amount transported. For cargo only airlines there are some grey columns, in comparison with the overall cargo transported (including i.e. belly cargo).


Europe has currently the lead, while North America and Asia are almost level. And Europe should fill up all that capacity.

The market share graph in form of a donut shows on the outer ring the current week's values, while the inner ring is the comparative graph with last weeks percentages.


While there are already 18 alliances, the vast majority of airlines is still independent. We will certainly see a consolidation phase here soon enough. And the independent airlines even increased their market share.


In terms of load factor it seems that alliance members have an advantage over independent airlines. Interesting fact.


Adler1183 is already flying high and alone like a maverick. The load factors of some are a bit scary and I'm curious to figure out if they manage to fill up their seats or if a low profitability will curb their growth in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.








There are 29 airlines trying their luck with a cargo only operation. The belly cargo is already grabbing more than half of the capacity making the cargo flyers work for their money.


The top cargo players are still a bit closer together than their counterparts in the passenger field. Let's see how it turns out for them.


North America seems to be the home for cargo airlines. Unfortunately this graph doesn't show where cargo is transported, but only where the airlines have their home state.


Awesome work!


Your Top Player Graph: Been there, done that, next please. Don’t think I’m there next week, but hey, a week of fame, sckrs :wink:


Great analysis! Thank you!


Thanks for the great stats. It would be great if the top player can be changed from by player to holding...Having 8 holdings at the same will surely boost you to the top.


Well yes, but it would mean quite some iterative querying of the data, to find the holding a few levels up.


It's still an early stage of competition. Next month, I believe, it would be different.


Well yes, but it would mean quite some iterative querying of the data, to find the holding a few levels up.

Thanks for the reply. If that’s a hassle then better save the time :slight_smile:


Nice work! Thanks for that!

Are you planning on doing this every month or few weeks or just every now and then? ;)


No promises…

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