Data error ?

Hey there,

i don’t know where to put this.

Recently i used the aircraft type evaluation tool, and found out that the shown amount of passenger seats differs from those shown in "manufacturers" tools.

This seems to be independent of any seat configuration.

Either i’m very tired and should go to sleep, or there is any correlation i don’t recognize.

Could anyone please confirm this, or give me the missing info?



every plane has a flying range. Within that radius, it can carry 100% load. If your destination is further than the range, the plane will have to take more fuel and less passengers. In such case, the aircraft evaluation tool shows the number of passengers that the plane can actually carry on that route.

Or, one of the airports on the route you check has a short runway. In this case the length of the runway determines the maximum take-off (or landing) weight of the plane

Or, you are checking a plane that has (in theory) room for 200 passengers, but regulations only allow it to carry 180 passengers. The 737-900ER is an example of such a plane.


Thanks for your answer.

It actually was the “too tired” issue :rolleyes: