Data Hungry? Yes Please.

AS Team,

I know there has been much talk about players wanting more flight statistics (eg: details on transfer pax, etc) incorporated into the game. We have also settled down to the fact that we can either have these statistics, or a smoother playing experience.

However, is it possible to have a set of data available for us to download and manipulate in excel? Maybe on a weekly or monthly basis? So we can do our own analysis?

Just a thought, as this may be a way to deliver more statistics/data while not straining the servers.


I think the problem here will be that if published in Excel format, the files would be huge.

Yes, the AS team could publish an MDF and LDF files for those of us familiar with SQL but I suspect that number is too small which may result in people claiming that we have an unfair advantage.

Best scenario would be the setup of a separate server that holds all of the statistic data and allows us to run queries and reports off it.