Anyone fly these aircraft for Pax transport? What have your experiences been? On a 7,000 km trip what does your costs look like. Since it’s 40yrs old I can’t get a performance check of it.


I don´t know, never tried, but I will :slight_smile:

I just bought the last remaining McDonnell Douglas DC-8-72CF on Croydon, it will start operating ATL-HNL soon.

I can then compare it to my normal ATL-HNL flights with the Boeing 767-400ER

Yea I’ve bought one myself so I’m just hoping I can make it profitable. I have some routes that no one is servicing.


ok, here are some numbers:

ATL-HNL with a leased Boeing 767-400ER

229 economy

40 business

155 CU

Direct revenues: 146,821 AS$

Direct expenses: 63,257 AS$

Indirect costs: 59,642 AS$

Overall: + 23,923 AS$

ATL-HNL with a bought McDonnell Douglas DC-8-72CF

120 economy

20 business

17 CU

(just assuming that it will be sold out at the same price as the 764)

Direct revenues: 70,596 AS$

Direct expenses: 51,853 AS$

Indirect costs: 15,609 AS$

Overall: + 3.134

But, the 764 has a Popularity with passengers of +5, the DC-8 of -2

So I don´t really think that you can charge the same price on the DC-8 as you can on a 764

If you are alone on your routes with your DC-8, no competition in sight, and I really mean no competition,

any half decent one-stop flight with a modern plane will probably make your passangers run away,

and you are able to keep your prices rather high, you might actually make a profit, I doubt it, but it might just work.

But after all , its a waste of money anyway, the DC-8 I bought cost 4.35 Million, I could lease 4 dh4 with that,

and only one of them will make about the same profit as a DC-8 on a good flight, but it will make not only 2 flights

a day but about 10-12, and I get 4 planes, so well …

Yup I just realized those numbers. Now I need to get rid of it and don’t know how!


just put it up for sale. After two weeks, AS will buy it back from you.


I am. It’s not a bad aircraft. Great range and I would still pull a profit of it. Just on my longer stage length it’s not ideal.