De Havilland Flys Again

Bombardier completed the sale of the Dash 8 series and the new company will be rebranded the old name De Havilland. They own all out of production De Havilland planes as well as the current Dash 8 -400s + 300, 200, 100 series…I remember reading that they were looking at new iterations of the smaller Dash 8 planes.

Guess we need to add De Havilland to the manufacturers page :slight_smile:

Would love to see a reintroduction of the Q200 and Q300 in the near future. Airlines depending on those two models really have no alternatives at the moment.

I think it will depend on whether or not they feel there is a real world market for updated 200/300s.

ATR still markets the 42s - though i believe actual sales of those is nearly non existant. They are converting most of the older hulls into cargo planes iirc.

In game however new updated 200/300s would be awesome

To be fair, we do have ‘De Havilland’ on the manufacturers page :grinning:

Odd - on two of the servers I play on Yeager and Aspern it is not listed.
But on Ellinikon it is listed.
But these are the old dash 7s which are out of production and so only servers with old planes would have it listed. But cool :slight_smile: it is there.
I also read in the news today that Bombardier is seeking a buyer for the CRJ and excutive jet lines. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is reported to be interested