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On the new server I leased 3 new 739s and was surprised to see almost 9.7 mil deducted rather than 9.3!! It turns out the crappy standard config was applied and pilots hired!!! I used my old current ID and according to the update the new settings would not be activated for existing users by default… so how come something like this happens… the admin should have been more clear about the update…

BTW who decided on such a crappy seating? all standard seats even for business!!! at least have a decent config which uses business seats for business class…

Pretty annoying indeed. Pilots are OK as I needed to train them anyway but seat configs took some money away and by the time I realized that there were no aircraft left to restart my airline.

As this is a new server, and these settings are stored per server, you are a new user when it comes to that particular server. If you want these settings to be different from the default (meaning, you don’t want cabin and pilots taken care of automatically), you’ll need to change these settings every time you start playing on a new server. It’s not an account setting, it’s a game world setting. Anything you change in this screen is applied only to the server that is active at that time, not account wide.

By the way, the pilot training took me by surprise even on Tempelhof when I bought my first Q400s, all of a sudden I found myself with 24 pilots I didn’t train or hire…

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as is to configure for this to not happen, not where I should change, I could explain, I do not have more seats lost in standard

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You can change your preferences in the tab Game Settings for each gameworld separately…

I agree that the default cabin config (with only standard seats even in business class) is not useful and is likely to create more problems than it solves.

Everyone who uses this feature looses money, either by offering flights that are not competetive or by refitting the planes with a usable seat config. Why not make it…

  • Standard / Business Basic for Props,
  • Economy / Business Advanced for Regional and narrow-Body jets,
  • Economy Plus / Business Premium for widebodies?

You can also create your own cabin config and set it as default. It will then be applied instead of the standard seats.

Concerning the exact proportions of the default settings, no final word has been spoken yet. We are open to suggestions on how we could improve the settings.

The primary concern when implementing these default profiles was to lower the barrier for new (as in bloody) beginners because they don’t have to think of yet another step to get started. Now we can look into how to optimize the feature.

My suggestion is to allow players to create a cabin configuration for a plane they have on order. That way, the desired config can be installed at delivery.

The problem that emerged with the start of Stapleton was that not everyone needs the default setting to be configured by default. Most of the experienced players infact dont need it at all and it created a lot of problems with players who turned towards Stapleton loosing money because they had to choose a different seat config including myself.

What needs to be done is whenever a new player starts an airline on any server, he should be prompted to choose whether he would like to enable or disable default settings and new players(beginers) should be encouraged to use default settings on the wiki. It should not be enabled by default as it is more like imposing those settings for every new starter.

Now, what these default settings should be is another concern.

The default cabin configuration was intended to help beginners… But you can just as well send powder milk to the Sahara/Sahel to help the thirsty people.

I can live with your proposal. It is more realistic and at least it shows new players there are different ways to configure a plane, and that you get different ratings for different cabin configurations. And if it is too difficult to put different types of seats in props and jets, use economy seats and advanced business seats in all planes.


Yes I know, but I can do this only after the first aircraft was delivered. Also I and (judging from the comments in the forum) many others were not aware at the time of order that the aircraft would be equipped with seats, and which ones. Maybe a clear display on the order page would help.

Generally I like the default config feature a lot. But to make good use of it (with custom cabin configs) one needs to tweak the game settings as follows:

  • Automatically assign default seating configuration to new aircraft: YES
  • Create standardized seating configuration if no default has been specified: NO

This helps the advanced player, but for beginners I think there is no way around a better standardized config.

Finally, I have a feature request: There should be a way to remove the default for a specific aircraft type completely. Currently you can just choose another.

Hi Frank,

Tim knows that you know. But I am sure he also understood the point you made about the default cabin configuration not being helpful

I am one of the "many others". I had already ordered 6 planes when I read this topic and realised my mistake. But we have to blame ourselves. The change was announced only a few weeks ago.

Again I agree with your suggestion. It may however be difficult to warn users when they order a plane - then the software has to check if we already switched off the automatic configuration. Instead a warning could be added to the page "you have now created your holding. Click here to go to your airline". The warning could remind us to visit the game settings and uncheck automatic features if we prefer to create own cabin config, maintenance contractor and on-board service.

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I think if the user (irrespective of whether he has chosen the comfort settings or not) on purchasing an aircraft/s is prompted which seating config he wants for which aircraft in a dropdown selection of all seating configs for that model of aircraft against each registration… he may choose “none” in which case he has to do it manually later on (like before this comfort crap). For new players/servers they would be given only the option of the standard config and ‘none’. This will be a real ‘comfort’ feature since later on in the game when most aircraft acquisitions happen it will save one step. Also another request to the admins… please display the Y/C/F numbers next to the config name, later on it gets confusing and I am sure a lot of players have to often check the seating configs page to make sure they are thinking of the right config.

Also please ask the player if he/she wishes to train pilots while buying the aircrafts… in a new server where there are no pilots this choice is irrelevant but later on even if I don’t have pilots while buying I might have some on the open market when it is delivered or retrain some other pilots in the open market.

This should take care of both old and new players.

Pilots matching the required typerating will be hired from the market if there are any available. Otherwise they will be trained. If you wish to hire other typeratings and retrain them, you can do so ahead of the aircraft purchase. And of course you can turn off auto-assignment of pilots altogether.

Concerning the assignment of seating configs: In a pending rework of the whole aircraft/performance-system I can see optimizations of this detail happening.

I agree… I generally want to know how many seats I can get on the aircraft in my standard configuration BEFORE I buy/lease it anyway… I just made that suggestion in the Ideas / Suggestions Forum before reading this.

Although - I would think more expensive seats should not be free… Maybe it increases the cost of the lease/purchase, or you still have to pay for them.

When you buy a car in the real world - you generally pay for extra amenities. Not sure AS should be any different.