Delays in congested airports


Thank you AS-team for yet another great upgrade to the game! I haven't found any information on that matter elsewhere, so I'm wondering if congested airports with few or no available slots anymore can cause delays in the simulation.

If not, it could be a nice addition to the worlds to make them more realistic and make the gameplay more challenging.

I've learned the hard way on Quimby III that even a small 15-minutes-delay can have devastating effects on the whole flightplan, and now that I'm more careful, it doesn't happen anymore. Sadly.

Yet this is a major feature, and this could be an effective way to prevent slot blocking, as well as a useful help to newcomers in legacy worlds to compete with well established airlines with huge marketshares and slot occupation.

I fail to see how this will prevent slot-blocking. Delays may help you go around a blocking that's already there, but not prevent one.

Only problem is that delay's cause penaltie fee's

No, this is not currently implemented. Though I do not understand why it should be implemented. I have had more cases of delay at small airports than at large in real life.

I find it would be more challenging if such delays were implemented. Currently, you have to be very negligent while setting up your flightplan to make delays occur. IRL weather is an important cause, but it's not implemented at all in the simulation.

Heavy traffic volume is not the #1 cause, but still...

One can easily assume that if an airport is operating at capacity, delays are somehow going to happen.

At this time, there is no drawback in using all the available slots, and once you got one, you better not let it go. Implementing some risk and randomness could lead to some interesting adjustments and more diverse strategies.