Deliberate bidding to hold deposit

So I tried to lease A220 plane on the aircraft market, but didn’t realize that it was owned by the largest competitor of the alliance that I am in - in fact he holds all the A220 on the used plane market. He then proceeds to outbid me (or someone did) in order to keep me from using the plane. Fair enough.

The bid time is set to 36 hours, so I expect to have my money back in a day and a half. No harm done. However, I noticed that the timer keeps getting reset - and the money keeps going up! In fact, the “increase bid option” is now at 500,000AS$ which is about 2.5x the market value of the plane! I noticed this rise over a couple of days. No new airlines have started up in the past few days, but this guy does have 6 other subsidiaries so I guess he is using them to bid on the aircraft maybe.

Is he deliberately bidding to keep my deposit money? This airline is my subsidiary so it is still in the start up phase, and looking to acquire aircraft to expand. I can support it using my main holding, but this is just annoying to have to do that.

The owner of a plane can not bid himself in his own auction. Not possible, neither with subs nor with holdings.

Then, can you help explain why the bid has increased to basically 2.5x the normal value? The rest of the planes are untouched in the market…

Someone else is bidding on these planes. But for sure not the owner.

Another prime example of the recent bodged market “overhaul”.

Excuse my ignorance, as I am unfamiliar with leasing from other players. However, ~1.95m is the normal rate for a CS1 lease deposit, so I don’t see the issue with the amount listed in “Current Bid”. I know personally that I have bid 10% more than the normal leasing deposit in order to get planes faster from the used market, when the seller is the AS default leasing company (not player controlled).

The time left is really annoying though, I would hate that

the 1.95m is fine, I am fine with the price and deposit etc.

It is the timer - it keeps getting RESET to 36h and the increase bid keeps going up from the original price. Therefore someone is bidding on it? Or it is somehow being reset to 36h continuously.

I gave up and leased aircraft from the official ATLO IDP, which means I get the aircraft immediately. However, this bid is holding about 6M AS$ which would be useful to me, and it is holding it indefinitely that I can see.


Someone is bidding and overbidding as said before.

Indeed. I like the change to initial bidding time, but it’s ridiculous that it keeps getting reset and holds up your money indefinitely.

If you’ re outbid, you should be allowed to withdraw and recover your deposit.

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