Delivery Slots

Hi all,

I was thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to choose delivery slots? I mean right now, if you order a new aircraft (lease or buy) you do not have a choice when you receive delivery of the aircraft. I think it would be helpful, to be able to choose an available slot for delivery, that way if you wanted a plane for a certain date, you could, rather than the game telling you when to have it. It would allow for managing costs, for either loan or lease so you can group all the payments together if you wanted to.

I understand that some people want the aircraft as soon as they order it, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to order a plane on a Monday, but get it on Friday.

This is probably way out to lunch, but I think it would help, some airlines.



Well I guess the most players would like to have their aircraft as soon as possible.

Nevertheless this is an option I’d also find good as it really gives you more flexibility and ability to plan and schedule your operations and payments.

Everybody knows the situation: you place an order, the plane will be delivered in 5 days and is going to be avilable at a time and date you will net be able to utilize. if you can delay delivery by one day you could maybe directly create the schedule and not loose one day of leasing costs.

Sure it is an option, but it has a lower priority ;)

Definetely that is so! moreover, it would require capacity needed urgently in other places

It would help if we could see the projected delivery time on the page where it shows you the cost.

With you have a plane with a number of orders the delivery can be numbers hours or days out and you get the plane in the middle of the night.


The manufacturers page tells you the production time. For example, the production time for a 737 is 21 hours. If you order 3 planes at 22:00 today, you will get the first one at 19:00 tomorrow, the second at 16:00 the day after tomorrow, and so on… it’s not really rocket science to calculate when your new planes will arrive ;)


Does the number of order figure into that? If there are more order the can be produce. IE 32 orders for 737 and production rate of 1 every 21 hr then you are waiting 32 hr not 21. It easy to figure out but when you are buying planes it be nice not to have to figure the math.


do you mean if several airlines have ordered a total of 32 planes ? The game is not realistic from that point of view, but nobody complains

Production time is counted per holding, not for the total production line of the plane. So even if there are already 100 planes on the order list, your first plane will be delivered after 21 hours, your second plane will be delivered 21 hours after the first, and so on.