Demand Calculation

I am wondering, if my flight schedule is too close to demand calculation, would that put me in a disadvantage position?

For example, airport A calculates demand at 6:00, but my flight is leaving Airport A 5:55. When the flight is added into ORS, it would probably pass 6:00.

So does that mean the demand for that particular flight only be calculated for TWICE ONLY? If so, should I avoid scheduling around that time?

no, it’s regardless if you put your route before or after the demand calculation, because every flight get from the time of recogition till the start 3 demand calculation

the normal flight enter the ors 3 days before the takeoff

Yes, I know its 3 days before the takeoff. But for the schedule very close to demand calculation, I got an situation like:

Let me put that as an example -

Day 0 05:45 takeoff time for XX 1

Day 0 06:25 demand calculation (1st) <== checked the schedule around 07:00

Day 1 05:45 takeoff time XX 1

Day 1 06:25 demand calculation (2nd)

Day 2 05:45 takeoff time XX 1

Day 2 06:25 demand calculation (3rd)

Day 3 05:45 takeoff time XX 1

So I should got 3 calculation for flight XX1, before it takes off on Day 3. However, when I check the schedule around 07:00 on Day 0, it shows that flight XX1 has 0 passenger…

even it should be in ORS after 5:45 and before 06:25. So I I wonder when will the 3rd calculation for flight XX input in the system?


if I understand the game well, you are correct.

When an airport does its daily check of passenger demand, it uses the flights that are available. In other words, flights that are already entered in the ORS.

Every airport has a "black spot". That black spot is the period between "Enter flights into the ORS" and "Process travel desires" of any particular airport. Every 30 minutes the system enters the new flights (of the past 30 minutes) in the ORS, so the black spot of an airport is always less than 30 minutes. But flights that take off during the black spot only book passengers twice.

However, I have noticed the same thing you have noticed. Some flights should already be in the ORS but they still don’t get any bookings the first day. So I asked the same question that you asked. The answer I received, came down to "when flights are in the ORS, passengers can book them".

I believe what people tell me, but I also believe my own eyes. So the answer did not really satisfy me :slight_smile:

Later on, I have thought of a possible explanation. If the passengers that book your flight are transfer passengers, they cannot book their tickets the first day because the transfer flight they need is not yet in the ORS. But perhaps you can come up with another explanation.


Thanks for the clarification. Glad to hear that I am not the only one. I guess I should try to schedule my flights after my hub’s demand calculatons…

I figure out that, if your flight’s period is overlapping the demand calculation period. Then it is VERY likely that the flight won’t got bookings on the first day.


Demand calculation = 1:00pm

Flight AA1’s itin = 10:00am - 3:00pm

I believe that this has to be fixed because it creates bunch of troubles for routing. I already emailed support about this.

Bare in mind that your IL partners will book their pax on your flights depending on the demand calculation time at the airport of Origin. For example, If i fly LHR - SYD via DXB on two different airlines that partner with each other, I will be booked into both LHR-DXB and DXB-SYD at the LHR demand calculation time. So once you’ve got good feeders and a comprehensive network, it won’t make a huge difference.

True but if you are flying to an isolated 2 or 3 bars airport and the return flight is suffering with such weird situation. Then it is really annoying. Plus its negative effect is more significant to young airlines than established airline - which isn’t a good thing.

yeah, noticed that too…

trying my best to avoid this but still… however the chance is the same for every player so if it’s a “bug” that has to exist, let it be…:rolleyes:

Very interesting reading for a newbie like me.

Anyone know what time cph is booked ?

Just Click on the Airport Page and you will see it …

Oh how could it miss it

Thank you mate.

So every booking out of copenhagen until that point 1.30 danish time in the middle of the night, are made from interrlines is that correct understanded ?

Each airport is booked three times before the aircraft starts. So after booking ist before booking ;)

But everything between the main bookings comes from interlinings and the ground network.

The three bookings before the aircraft starts is only true if you activate the options Flightplan activation with 3 days delay or am I mistaken? At the moment you can still activate the plan immediatly (at least in the US) and then the aircraft starts after 24 hrs. Otherwise you will loose 2 days of revenue…but it will not work for everybody of course depending where your hub is.

Also depends on whether your using new or existing flights and aircraft. If your putting new flights on an old aircraft you should activate with 3 days delay to avoid simultaneous bookings. Similarly if you transfer existing flights to a new aircraft the flights will only appear after 3days delay due to them being booked on an aircraft elsewhere

Yes, you are right. The three bookings are only on a 3 day delay activation.


I checked bookings on the new Pearls game world…

Peking calculates it’s demand at 05:19:00 UTC. Flights that are scheduled to leave Peking at 04:00 UTC don’t get any bookings the first day.

This is strange, because flights are entered in the ORS at 04:09 UTC, 04:39 UTC and 05:09 UTC. So the flights leaving at 04:00 UTC should well be in the ORS before Peking airport calculates it’s demand. And it is surely not due to lack of passengers. The flights are fully booked the next day, like all flights on high demand routes on a new game world.

My conclusion: either it is not true that all flights in the ORS are used when an airport calculates it’s demand, or flights are not immediately entered in the ORS. Unless someone has another explanation.


Hm… let’s rephrase that as a question.

How comes that flights get no passengers when demand is calculated, even though the flights are entered in the ORS more than one hour before demand is calculated ?

And I am still talking about flights on high density routes. Flights that are fully booked the second time demand is calculated.