Demand Change For All?

Is there a significant change in demand levels or is it just me?

Hows the AGEX doing?

Previous	Index	Change

Today 702 704 +2 +0.28%
7 days 726 -22 -3.03%
30 days 865 -161 -18.61%
90 days 1,060 -356 -33.58%
180 days 939 -235 -25.03%

So it’s gone down almost 20% in 30 days, that would be the first sign. Secondly consider if you have increased competition at your base.

Interestingly, my biggest and only competitor who was my size, has liquidated! I am practically enjoying an amazing situation at my hub. Load factors are down by about 20% just in last 2 weeks

Maybe you can try to reduce your price?

Since I did it, total load factors has been rise from 71% to 86%

How much change would you suggest? And overall or selective?

Overall Flight, default price +5% is my choice