Demand errors in Vietnam?


I have recently started an airline in Vietnam. I am initially using a small fleet of Embraer 175s to get a feel for the demand around the country.

Both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are 7 bar airports. As seen in real life, there is lots of demand between these two countries and, considering their demand ratings, one would expect lots of flights to be feasible between the two cities in game.

I have started off with 4 flights daily between the two cities, each 6 hours apart using Embraer 175s with 64 leisure plus and 8 recliner shorthaul. There is no competition on the route and the ORS shows a rating two bars, one which I am accustomed on domestic flights. However, I have had two demand calculations now and, whilst business class is full, economy class has only 10 seats filled roughly.

This strikes me as very odd, especially since I am able to fly to Cam Ranh Bay (4 bar airport) 4 times a day with the exact same plane as well with full demand on all flights. May anybody suggest something that I can do to fix this? It seems very peculiar that this occurs, any help would be appreciated!

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Your “problem” most likely sits in PNH. A look at the ORS shows 17 pages of connection entries rated >50 HAN-SGN. => Not many direct pax left for you I’m afraid.
The same old and often stressed demand distribution problem.

SGN-CXR shows a different picture: you’re rated at 82, while the via-PNH are rated to not more than 10 with less than two pages of positive entries. => many pax for you.

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Wow that would explain a lot. Thank you very much!