Demand, pricing, and monopolies?

I’m running an airline in Quimby and I’m having some trouble filling up flights in markets where in the only entrant (specifically STL-BWI and STL-PHL). I set price for both at 110% but have since lowered it to 105%. My question is, will the price being lowered have any affect on me filling up my planes, seeing as I have no competitors for the route (I am the only one running the route)?

Extra details:

-I have 2 flights for each route, and one of each leave an hour before demand is calculated at the departure point, so I have to wonder if that’s part of it.

-Planes are E195s, with a custom all economy seat arrangement and minimal service (but slightly better than standard economy service)

What do y’all think?

It seems like you have a high maintenance ratio. Utilizing your aircraft’s better will allow you to lower your prices if you wish. Looks like your CS1 has almost 6 hours on the ground. Way too much.

My maintenance ratios all hover around 160%, is that too much? Something I have been wanting to know even though there’s no relation to the demand question.

You have to check your ORS rating. That’s the important item to check, as it will decide on your bookings.

And being the only operator of a route is not that relevant. You are fighting against competitors offering connecting flights.

Indeed. And do not under estimate connecting flight. It can have better ORS rating than your direct flight.

As it’s still the beginning of a world, I set my Quimby’s airline an overexpensive ticket price, which will I lower later when the competition kicks in. My direct flight turns out having lower ORS rating from my competitor who offers connecting flight.

Therefore, being the only direct operator of a route does not guarantee you a better ORS rating.

I’m not sure charging more than default prices while offering a “minimal” service will help loads

How do I check ORS rating?

And also, which staff in particular have the greatest effect on ORS (in terms of their mood)?

None in particular

And the ors is available under database -> online reservation system

Gotcha. It seems in comparing ORS that I still have the lowest cost and the highest EQ among all possible connections but my flights aren’t filling up. Should I assume there’s not enough demand?

Do you have any connections either end of the route ? 

Hi guys. I was offering a direct flight which had a higher ORS rating than other connecting flights. Seeing that, I increased my price to that of the competition. However, my price performance ratio went in the negative, even though my tickets are still the cheapest.

What factors affect price performance ratio? My tickets are still the cheapest and the only direct flights, but due to the negative ORS, I'm not getting any bookings after the price increase.

Furthermore, what rule of thumb should I use in experimenting with the price levels?

Most basic mistake trying to charge what competition charges. Factors affecting ORS are price, seats, service, image and terminals.