Demand time + transfer time

When it’s demand time at an airport, do those passengers board immediately? Or do they need to have time to transfer starting immediately from demand time?

Example: AUSTIN (AUS)

Demand Time: 12:48 LT

Transfer time:1 hour?

Will passengers generate and board right at 12:48LT


Will passengers generate and not be able to book a flight till 13:48 LT

Why should they wait a "transfer" time if they don't transfer?

He was asking if they board flight departing after 12.48 or after 13.48 (12.48 + 1 hour)

Richard, your passengers will board flight at any time. Each flight will get booked three times, or better to say, will go through three rounds of bookings (day , day 2, day 3). It is best for the flight to depart form origin, or arrive to destination, outside of the demand calculation time. Because the flights are booked within 72 hours of the demand calculation time. If the demand calculation time is mid-flight, flight will go through only two rounds of bookings.