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Reference: “Your Airlinesim Username” + “Playing month” + “Year
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After the great start we had. I can say that this is a special server as airlines grow slower than on other servers but it is still so much fun. Also this is great for people seeking a new server. We also have a great community with players that constantly discuss stuff or talk about other fun stuff. Just join us and see for yourself.

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Hi, any spaces available?

We are officially full now.
You can still apply anyway, and join our discord community so we can stay in contact until a spot gets available.

Small price and wording update:

You can check out our server and airlines/airports here:

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Afterward you get automatically forwarded to our discord server where you get the payment information and all our friendly community members.

Status: 7 places available.

New prices from today.

We are still looking for new players.
South America is nearly empty, but you are more than welcome to start wherever you want.