Despite same ORS, some flights good bookings, some suck

I’m just starting out, so I tried to schedule flights with no direct flight competition and high ORS, but despite this, my bookings are very low (10-20%).

I had a very good flight schedule with 90-100% from Zhengzhou to Hefei and Shijiazhuang, but my flights from Zhengzhou to Quanzhou(Jinjiang) and Xining are struggling greatly by comparison, despite having the same ORS.

Can someone explain this?

Might be the usual issues:
Either there’s not enough demand or too many compeeting flights - don’t just look at direct flights!
Your schedule is older than three days?

Yes, I made sure to set a 3day delay on bookings, but ended up having to cancel most of my Jinjiang flights and reschedule flights between Zhengzhou & Yantai/Taiyuan

I’m thinking that it might be because my Shijiazhuang/Hefei flights were back and forth on the same plane, so passengers from Shijiazhuang + Zhengzhou were combining to form a full booking for flights to Hefei, so I’m testing that out

Going to leave my Zhengzhou & Xining flights up as a control for that testing