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Frankfurt Main Airport, 01OCT18

This week, an all new home grown german airline has taken to the skies. Frankfurt based Deuschansa Group aim to become a major european player with operations all over the world. The airline has began operations with a fleet of 18 Airbus A320s and 1 Airbus A340-300.

The A320s are configured with 15 DeuschBiz and 132 DeuschTraveller seats. The A340 is configured with 42 DesuchBiz and 189 DeuschTraveller Seats. The A340 has begun a daily service connecting Frankfurt to the city that never sleeps - NEW YORK CITY. The airline offers connections to and from over 12 destinations throughout europe including Paris, London, Amsterdam, Zurich & Brussels. Our A320 schedule is as follows:

(All flights ex-Frankfurt)

Amsterdam 4xDaily

Berlin-Tegel 8xDaily

Brussels 4xDaily

Dusseldorf 8xDaily

Hamburg 8xDaily

London/Heathrow 4xDaily

Manchester 2xDaily

Munich 10xDaily

Nuremburg 5xDaily

Paris/CDG 4xDaily

Stuttgart 4xDaily

Vienna 3xDaily

Warsaw 1xDaily

Zurich 4xDaily

The airline is already in discussion for further aircraft to further expand operations to more destinations,

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Deuschansa launches Washington!!!

After a quiet few weeks, home grown Frankfurt based Deuschansa has announced it will begin its second long haul flight to WASHINGTON DULLES. The international gateway to the Capital of the USA is a huge route for Leisure, Business and Diplomatic traffic. And with the airlines extensive network throughout Europe and Germany, they offer a multitude of connections onto this flight.


The flight is to be operated by a 231 seater A340-300 aircraft, which includes seating for 42 DeuschBiz and 189 DeuschTraveller seats. Both cabins get inflight wifi as well as touchscreen IFE providing 100s of hours of entertainment.

Schedule is as follows:

LH418 FRA1100 - 1250IAD 343 x147

LH418 FRA1125 - 1315IAD 343 147

LH419 IAD1535 - 0525+1FRA 343 D

The flights are timed to connect to/from a multitude of the airlines European/Domestic services as well as its many airline partners.

On this the CEO said “We are extremely pleased to announce our second long haul route after New York. After a few weeks of stability we are ready to expand again and we saw no better opportunity than into the US capital. We have already earmarked our next routes both long and short haul which we will announce soon”

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This week, Frankfurt based Deuschansa have announced the start of service to Dallas/Fort Worth and Dubai. Not only this, they have also started first class service to Dallas & New York. 2 more A340s have been added to the fleet which has facilitated this expansion. The new 3-Class A340s are configured with 8 DeuschSuites, 42 DeuschBiz and 161 DeuschTraveller seats.

on this the CEO said "We are delighted to continue our steady expansion around the world to Frankfurt. Dallas and Dubai are 2 mega cities that we were itching to announce as soon as possible, and with 2 more A340s coming this dream has become a reality"

The schedule changes are as follows:

Frankfurt - Dallas/Fort Worth NEW 3xWeekly service 3-Class A340

LH438 FRA1150 - 1510DFW 343 246

LH439 DFW1805 - 1055+1FRA 343 246

Frankfurt - Dubai NEW 1xDaily service, 2-Class A340 operating

LH630 FRA1305 - 2200DXB 343 D

LH631 DXB0145 - 0500FRA 343 D

Frankfurt - New York/JFK Service increased 10xWeekly All 3 Class operation

LH402 FRA1330 - 1520JFK 343 135

LH403 JFK1740 - 0730+1FRA 343 135

[url=]dallas.jpg[/url]   [url=]dubai.jpg[/url]


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That's right, this week Frankfurt based DEUSCHANSA has landed in MIAMI BABY!!!

The German airline has started operations on a 3xWeekly service from the airline's Frankfurt hub with one of its A340 aircraft. The aircraft seat 8 DeuschSuites, 42 DeuschBiz and 161 DeuschTraveller seats. On this the CEO said:

"We are delighted to continue our expansion in the USA, Miami & South Florida is a world renowned holiday hotspot aswell as a major business center in the Americas. Advance bookings are promising and we hope to add further flights going forward"

Not only Miami, the airline has added a further THREE weekly flights to its New York JFK service, taking it up to 13xWeekly in total.

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Is Deuchansa about to bite the dust?

Deuschansa seems to be in financial troubles. To survive its last week-end closing it was granted a rescue loan.