Dev Log Week 2024-10: Steaming ahead

I am happy to say that I wrapped up the ASTD bureaucracy for the time being, with the final report submitted early last week. Let’s see whether the ministry like what we’ve prepared…

Much more productively I got started on the integration work to get AirlineSim onto Steam. This was more or less technical groundwork, so not much to show. But here’s a symbolic “shot”:


The product is set up and the wrapper application is more or less ready (as you can see from the screenshot). @lenana is currently busy preparing the public Steam page so you’ll be able to wish-list the game (more on this in due time) and I will prepare the account management pages to a point that one can start playing AS in Steam without getting stuck immediately after opening the app. We have an external freelancer helping with design/frontend dev a bit to make everything look pretty, although the vast majority of polish will follow once the proof-of-concept is up and running.

I’ll dive deeper into explaining how the setup works once I’ve implemented the respective bits.

Meanwhile, a heads-up: There won’t be a dev log next week, as I’ll be on vacation in Austria. Not sure about the week after that yet, but we’ll see :slight_smile: