Devau Troubles


I'm not sure if this is just a continuation of the problems over the past few days with the ORS (and subsequent backlog), but Devau is EXTREMELY laggy... so much so that it times out a lot. I can still access by refreshing a time or two when needed, but it's definitely not normal. It may be something to look into. Thanks!


These timing out problems are still occurring over a week from my original post.


No statistics since a few days.

And now devau is completely down? (sayinig "502 Bad Gateway")

Is it a temporary shut down?

Some info would be "nice" :unsure:


I've forwarded that Devau is not accessible, but I'm afraid we'll probably have to wait for tomorrow morning before it's fixed.

The statistics were lost last week, as Devau had to be completely recovered from a backup which doesn't include any statistics. Please see this thread for more info:


Good news, Devau is back online again and backlog is reducing.

Should be back to normal in an hour or so.


Looks like a Bad Gateway again.


Devau doesn't like it's new home and new hardware is on the way to move it away from the temporary VM we tested last week to the proper kind of server we usually use.


No one seems to have noticed, but Devau crashed once again last night. Restarted it this morning and now it has several hours of backlog. Still waiting for new hardware and can't wait to get this over with. We'll also look into automated alerts that actually wake people...


Devau down again. "502 Bad Gateway". :(


New hardware is here. I'll move it right away.


Devau has moved to new hardware. Now working on its backlog. Should be back to (real) normal soon!


Devau is back to normal. Both aircraft operations and ORS have no backlog anymore.


Is there an issue with this server again? It appears very slow to navigate through each link. And especially when scheduling aircraft.