DEVAU unplayable

Since more than 2 hours already DEVAU is so slow that it has become completely unplayable.

I am only getting request timeouts. Out of 100 requests (refreshes of the browser window after a timeout) maybe 1 response is being returned.

"Normal" pages are OK. But e.g. if I try to change a route or a flight, I have to wait forever and a day.

I have noticed the same behavior on Friday around the same time.

Before 11am MET everything was fine. Then the server started lagging.

After the Meigs-Level update the performance has decreased alot.

Have a look at the Gamestatus page. The last daily update has took 1.587.219 ms. That is more than 26 Minutes.

Looks very strange for me! I have never seen so high numbers there.

Restarting Devau to see whether it helps (it just did on Fornebu, as it seems).

The long duration of the daily update is normal on Mondays.

Same time, different day…

The same thing is happening again now.

I have played AS on Devau the whole morning without any troubles. Now again the route management pages are not loading if I try to do some changes on my routes.

The only response I am getting after long time waiting is "Internal Error", which is - I guess- because of a request timeout happening.

This phenomenon happens every day at approximately the same time (around 10:00-10:30am German time).