i can never use the ors. it always says that its turned off for performance reasons.

usually it works when i tried it, today’s afternoon for example… maybe currently it’s the strange devau problem, which martin has told us ?!

I have tried it maybe 10 times in the last few days, all at different times. Has not worked once.

Whenever you get a failure message on ORS availability, go to the game status. If you see red (or possibly even yellow, not entirely sure on the latter though) text there, then ORS will be disabled. You may have just been unlucky in getting a small backlog or a large airport’s calculation at the time you wanted to check. I would even suggest you use two tabs/windows, one with the ORS, the other with game status. As soon as the status switches to ‘waiting’ with no red text, reload the ORS and enter your query. It should work then…

OK, I have tried multiple times, probably about 10 times since my last post and it is never not red. So I have never been able to use the ORS. Is there something wrong with my account or is this server no good.

Which time zone do you play from? You might be unlucky that you check the ORS at rush hour times, when the server has a lot of calculations to make. Did you try this at various times of the day, or always the same time? If possible, try in the morning, afternoon and evening of the same day to see if any of these points in time give you the same results.


I tried every time during the day, and night. I work shift work so often play this during breaks at work.