Did I miss something......

I am not sure if I missed something or don’t simply understand. How can a japanese based company_holding do numerous passenger flights within China…Domestic ones… usually they should not get any passengers, due to missing traffic rights … !!!

Still I see on the PEK - SHA route numerous ones, also the ORS tells me these offered flights ?!?!

Thanks for any hint, may be TEMPELHOF does have changed playing conditions ?!?!

CEO Skylion China

He can. The route is - for example - CAN - SHA - HND. All flights are booked. Those pax on the route CAN - SHA are pax that want to fly to HND. See them as transfer pax in SHA. … well, this is how I would explain it.

Well, as long as he ONLY sells one leg and not both of it I would agree. Still I do miss some of the " via " statements which are usually common at least in some schedules … !?!?

I don’t want to make such a big deal out of it, I was just wondering if I missed any new regulation of a new_modernized " open skies " agreement_rule.

CEO Skylion China

You don’t need via flights for this. You can also start mini hubs which feeder to/from your flight(s). If this is the airline which was reported by a player a short time ago, the passenger within china are only transfer passenger.