Different routes ?

Like the topic suggest can we have different routes to an airport

There tons of different routes you can take to an airport in real life

Wouldn’t it be great if we can plan our routes waypoint to waypoint instead of direct navigation ?

There are a lot of programs out there where you can plan your route like that it will calculate the route waypoints cruising altitude and amount of fuel needed.

This way airlines can save on fuel consumption also the arrival times will be different

This can be implemented in AS maybe ?

As an build in feature to create the whole route

Or an small client in the AS website where you can upload the route you created on one of the external websites those are most of the time free :slight_smile:

For the people that not like micro management can just use the default route via direct GPS

Is this possible for AS ?:slight_smile:

So now you want to take on dispatcher’s job as well… :wink: this is not currently possible in AS and it will not be possible while the current engine performance system is in place.

No, no and no. AS should simulate being a CEO of an airline not a dispatcher. I already think it is quite much doing the schedules but dispatching them no way.

I understand you are new to the game and you now have a couple of weeks of waiting before much happens whit your airline, but then it really will.

For example when I come home from my 5 week vacation (on Sunday) I will be having 70 new aircraft waiting to fly in KUL (currently I only have 53 flying aircraft). I am doubling passager numbers and profits every month meaning that lots of aircraft need well thought out schedules fitting whit all the waves. And if I also need to dispatch everything I would not be happy. In real life almost all flights are dispatched differently due to conditions and circumstances.

Also when I landed today in KEF the pilots made a very different approach which I have never seen before while flying the same route.

So dispatchers do what dispatchers do best and CEOs do what CEOs do best.

No, no and no. AS should simulate being a CEO of an airline not a dispatcher.


Airplanes already take the most fuel-efficient route unless you tell it to do differently so as to fit in the slots. I really can't see any benefit that would come from this, it would not add to game enjoyment in any way and would only be an unnecessary annoyance that would drain system resources considerably (not to mention take a lot of development time that is much needed elsewhere).

I understand you are new to the game and you now have a couple of weeks of waiting before much happens whit your airline, but then it really will.

To the OP: Lawrence, as CBE said you might be slightly bored but at the moment waiting for the growth of your airline... but I have some suggestions for you to do, which you could find interesting:

- Browse other servers and see what other airlines are doing and in "your country" and neighboring countries

- See which routes they operate and with which equipment. See how many frequencies they have. See where they looked for interlining partners.

- Try to analyze how they grew. Look up flight numbers from the lowest to the highest to see how they grew, what routes they started flying in the beginning etc. Try to analyze how they put up waves and which cities they connected first. Put them into GC Mapper to see it visually.

- Check out important cities in the neighboring countries on your and other servers and see which routes are most popular to/from those cities, frequencies, aircraft types, etc.

- Doing this "analysis" you might find "golden nuggets" routes nobody is exploiting at the moment... or at least you may pinpoint the strongest routes to start with at your own airline.

- Read out back forums from the last 2 or 3 years to learn, learn and learn even more

- Check out the youtube tutorials with more than 100 hours of airlinesim videos

I am sure if you do this , you will not be bored ...

XD wow as expected people really don’t like the idea of more micro management xD

The direct GPS is not always the most efficient route also not knowing the cruising altitude in the game

Yes I’m a little inpatient but not bored my airline growth is fine with 30% profit margin o starting an long haul airline on Reim

I didn’t start with the typical 5 CR7 or 20. Let410 XD

On the research topic there is enough research material in Reim I don’t need to go to other servers and copy other players I open routes an d have business models people don’t use(often)

About reading old posts that makes me so confused ideas that where really good even the AS team was excited 4 years later still not implemented :frowning:

Some of them only need a small adjustment and some of course take time

Don’t get me wrong this is by far the best airline sim game I’ve played

As other games where to easy or restricted

Back on the routes i also suggested people that don’t like to be an control freak like me, just let your personal take care of it

As an CEO I like to do most things my self that will save costs in the airline :slight_smile:

Oh excuse me Sir. I didn't realize you already cracked Airlinesim at the first attempt. Most of us were not so lucky.

And oh by the way, it's not called copying. It's called gathering competitive intelligence.

Oh wait... those 126 interline agreements... in 13 weeks you only have 4 long haul planes ... A 787 can net you 3 million per week with Riem pricing (even more during the first 4-5 weeks) **. I guess all those interline agreements are eating pretty much all the money. According to my calculations, a successful airline would have ended last week with 32 x 787-800 planes and AS$ 156 million in cash in the bank apart from that.

Anyway, don't be surprised when those 126 interline partners start getting into the long haul themselves and start cancelling those interlines.... and you will find yourself without feeds and without slots to grow.

But what do I know, right ...

Well, maybe your approach will work in the long term, though I don't think so. Let's check back your airline in 4-5 month's time.

** a successful 787-800 operation would look like this (in AS$ million)


Collecting competitive intelligence XD very diplomatic

First of your calculations are all wrong :wink: based on my airline

Second what is the definition of successful ? :slight_smile:

Copying the same mindless strategy everyone uses or use you own strategy and still make profit :slight_smile:

I don’t care how other people play put the prices up150% and just see money money money

Yes I’ve got a lot of IL :slight_smile: so what

If they decide to copy me they can go ahead I love a nice challenge :slight_smile:

Everyone has their one playing style :wink:

You can play your own style but I and rubiohiguey2000 know that you will loose sooner or later whit your style and we try to warn you.

Well laolun91 you play the game like it is reality where u can have many ways to succeed. In reality that works simply because humans are not rational. In the game it is a little different because the computer makes demand. So when somebody cracked how it works, which almost every successful player has then it is indeed better as a new player to look how the other players play.

To the question what is successful then it is for the game really easy. Its the equivalent of the most planes, passengers, revenue and profit. In reality again we can argue different. There things like costumer satisfaction, being good for the environment and having an positive impact on its employees and the society are good arguments. In the game they are simply irrelevant.

But as long as you dont block other players and play unfair (which you seem not to) you can play how ever you like :).