direct vs connections

Let’s say there is a direct flight from airport A to airport B for $300. The only direct flight. Then there are flights with a connection, taking twice as long, from airport A to B and the total cost is say $500.

If you priced the direct at $500, a 66% increase, would you get the pax if services were equal? I’m wondering if I’m under charging.

Generally you'll get the bookings if your direct flight has a better ORS score than the connecting flight. 

If you price too high, then your ORS rating will reduce, and a direct flight can have a lower rating than a connecting flight. 66% seems high, but you can use the "flight assignments" tool in the route to check this.

Demand matters too. If the best flight in the ORS is full, then of course passengers are better distributed to flights with lower ratings with availability.

Ii think ORS gives to little value to travel time hence connections are so popular in AS.