Disappointing and unrealistic IL-18D operation

Is it just me to find it disappointing and frustrating to see startups leasing 300+ IL-18D at once and operate it all over the game world? In the meantime more than 4000 IL-18D are operated. I am pulling out and closing my account. waste of credits.


Hi, thanks for your feedback! I see what you mean - sorry to hear your playing experience was affected like this. I’ve taken note of the issue with older planes so we can have a look at it during the preparation of our upcoming game worlds. Cheers, Lena

Dang, yeah as of Aug 4th there are over 5000 IL-18Ds currently being used with another 111 on the way, definitely a little tricky trying to break into the regional line business when so many airports are already swamped!
What’s wild is, even after I’ve spent a decent amount of cash to get a modest Embraer/ Bombardier fleet of 10 planes, with the money I have left over I could still lease almost 90 IL-18Ds!

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Yeah, that sounds tricky indeed - I’ll see if there’s anything we can do about that when it comes to the next servers!