Discount when buying a plane


since when do you get a discount when you buy a plane ? Is this new, or did I not notice it in the past ?

And if it is a bug, the AS-team does not have to hurry to fix it… it’s a pleasant bug :P


It’s not a bug, it’s a feature ;)

The amount you get back when buying a used airdraft only corrects the book value of the aircraft.

If the aircraft was for sale for over a year, the price that you see is higher than the current book value aif the aircraft. And to correct this, you get the difference back.


thanks for your quick reply.

I hoped it was not a bug, but I felt I had to report it anyway. Nevertheless, it is nice to get a discount on the announced price ;)

On the other hand… it shows how much money you loose when you buy planes… The 737-700BGW I bought is now 3 million dollar cheaper than it was 15 months ago. If I operate the plane for one year, it will probably loose (around) another 3 million in value. The game really promotes to lease planes.


Does your lease rate adjust with the decrease in value of the plane?

Nope, you get the lease you agreed on initially.

edit: though having said that, I do observe that, in my airline, the leasing payments seem to fluctuate a little from week to week, which is kinda odd…

Much like how a car will lose more of its value in the first few years than the next few years…

I personally think the system is fair.

And if memory serves me right, there is a discount on purchasing or leasing NEW aircraft provided you take a minimum quantity of 5 (which will get you 1% discount). This goes up to 50 which will get you a 5% discount*.

*Just for the aircraft type that i remember checking (Q400s i think), not sure if it varies for aircraft type.

Yeah well… if you can afford to buy 50 new planes, you deserve a 5% discount :P