Discounts for multiple orders from same aircraft family?

Hey all,

I have a request if I may, not sure if its been suggested?

I would like to place a large order of Airbus NEO aircraft however I would like different types of the NEO not all the same model:

15x 319 light
40x 319 Mediums
20x 320 lights
10x 321 light

As these aircraft belong to all the same family type surely there should be an option to get a group discount?

In theory in real life you would be a group discount from Airbus if you were to do this, ss this something we can look at implementing?



I 100% agree with you. In the real world you get a discount even if you are ordering different models. Would be nice if AS replicated this.

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Hey, thanks for the suggestion! I’ll forward the idea regarding family discounts to see if this is something we could implement :slight_smile:


Thats great thank you!!

I think it would be terrible for the game balance. Already the imbalance and monopolies are a huge problem in almost all game worlds. This would be just another measure that would help those who already find it easy to draw big profits.

We might generally want to rethink discounts in AS.

For lease contracts they don’t make any sense at all. Why would someone give you a discount for something that’s not connected to any contractual liabilities?
From a realistic point of view, every aircraft ordered on lease in AS puts the lessor in financial jeopardies. So why should there be a discount?

The only thing where more discounts would perfectly work are cash purchases with advance payment. But here I’m with TheTomate: those who already have enough money would make even more. Realistic, yes, but not something that goes with fair and balanced gameplay.


I think from a realistic sense, it’s right that leasing shouldn’t get a discount as what we have currently.

However, I don’t think there is an issue with combining orders under one family type for discount consideration. currently, you max out the discount to 5% with 50 orders, so anything higher has the same 5% rate. so I don’t really see any advantages for larger carriers as long as the same logic applies to the family order. I think this would only benefit smaller carriers because if you have 10X A319s + 20 A320s + 20 A321s, you will end up with the same discount rate compared to a larger carrier which is ordering 50 of each. Currently, the first case is getting less discount, which is more likely from a smaller carrier.