Discounts for real-world airline employees

Hello there!

First and foremost, I love your game, thank you to all those who have spent time building such an incredible game and vibrant community.

I’m sure that I’m one of many real-world airline employees that has immense fun being an arm-chair CEO and playing the game. Times are tough for us right now, I work for a European based airline and we’ve all placed on unpaid leave for eight to twelve weeks (duration unknown - how long the unpaid leave will last still to be determined). We’ll get through this I’m sure, but just a thought - as some of us would still love to keep playing during this time, are there any thoughts on offering discounts to verified real-world airline workers for a short-time?

Would never ask for a discount normally, but times are very tough for some of us in the industry, particularly as we never have been well-paid (bar the flight deck) to start with. Hope everyone keeps well, and look forward to anyone’s thoughts?

Although I get the point. They give out discounts to one lot of unemployed people, they have to for everyone else.

This is tough times for millions of people, airline staff are a very small % of people in the grand scheme of things that have gone unpaid/lost jobs.

Hope things pick up for you and everyone struggling right now. I’m currently very lucky at the moment that my job is required to stay open.