Do hubs affect anything?

In some games, you must fly to your hub periodically.
In some games, non-hub flights cost more in terminal and other services.

I’m just wondering, are there any costs or penalties for not using your hub on some routes / aircraft?
One of my aircraft flies a route that never goes to my hub.

there is no real financial difference other than extra staff for more offices/stations (due to flying to more airports, maybe). however, you will soon find, that with growing competition, you really need those transfer pax at your hub to fill your planes.

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Thanks Yukawa.
Do transfers only come from a hub?

you can get transfer pax at all airports where transfer is possible. check the airport information page for that information. obviously, you have to also have to respect the minimum transfer time between landing and departure (plus one minute due to rounding).
if you think about it a little, you will soon realize that the likelihood of getting transfer pax increases exponentially if operating a hub and spoke system rather than a point to point system.

yes… I can see that. Thanks :slight_smile: