Does anyone play Virtonomics?

I wonder if anyone has played and is it worth the price.

I played for 7 years. My brother played for 6.

At first it was fun. Then it just became monotonous. If you play the free game you’ll get a fair amount of enjoyment out of it for a while.

There is a lot of tedious micromanagement that you must do, but it’s not the fun kind. It’s the repetitive, non-thinking kind. Every unit must be trained so often. Click the unit, click training, select the number of employees to train, click Train.


For potentially hundreds or thousands of units.

They have services that can help alleviate that type of stuff, but those cost extra and they are not one time charges.

They are constantly trying to grab money from their dwindling customer base, going so far as to make their own cryptocurrency a few years ago when that was the big fad.

The game activity is dying. The posts on the first page on some of the server worlds go back three years now.

The one server that is a base monthly fee is not worth it. Low activity, takes a very long time to get off the ground, and it costs more than a AAA MMO.

You can play for free on a number of servers. I would definitely suggest doing this.

The good thing is, it’s slow paced (1 turn per day), and once you get your business built up and stable, you can take time off. I used to quit playing for months at a time and my company ran. It would be in disrepair when I got back, but it survived and it was fun to spend a few weeks or a month fixing things and getting everything back in order, before taking another 3 or 4 month vacation because the tedious aspects became prominent again.

If you like those types of business building games (I’m assuming you do since you play AirlineSim), I think you’ll have fun for a while. Designing your business and building it from the ground is fun. The tedium later on when you get to be big gets to be too much, and the constant overt money grabs become tiresome.

For free on the free servers, it’s worth it. Even if you eventually decide to buy one time high end units for special production items, it can be worth it.

And when you get tired of the endless clicking, you can always take a break and most likely find your company in place when you come back.

I quit for good about 2 years ago, but like I said I played on and off for 7 years so there’s obviously something to the game that was enjoyable despite all the negatives.