does the as buy back plane

do as buy back the plane on the new aircraft market

Yes, but only if you offer it for the minimum price

What do you mean for minimum price? Hope you refer to the book value of the plane, otherwise AS will buy the plane for 10% of its book value and then sell it again at market price, which would be quite unfair.

Anyone who could provide an answer? I’m switching my fleet of 763s whose book value is 17,1 Mio each, but there’s no option to sell it at that value.

If, as stated above, AS will buy it at the minimum price which currently is 11,4 mio I’ll realize a 5,7 million loss. Multiply that for the 15 planes that I’m willing to sell and I’ll loose 85.5 million.

Some more information about the price at which AS buys back the planes would be gladly welcome.

As Wolpertinger said above you have to offer it for the minimum price. You might find it elsewhere in the forum, I think I read discussions and questions like this several times.

But: Maybe some "real" buyers are willing to offer more than the minimum… good luck!

It seems you are stuck in a real mess there. Although I am Not sure of the question you are asking I would recommend restarting your airline because I take it you’re fairly new and therefore it would be a lot easier for you to restart. On the other hand I wouldn’t recommend using 767 is in the first place where is your airline base so I can actually give you useful advice ;)

I’ve been playing ASim since 2005, my current airline has been founded in November 2009, Australis Airlines in Croydon if You want to have a look at it. I thank You for your help offer, but the only thing is that the current aircraft market brought more cons than pros. Registering an 85.5 million loss on some assets because you can’t resell them at their book value is not that fair , don’t you think?



I’m sorry but I don’t like to b*#ch about people or the people that made it and we should appreciate the hard work they put into this gam <_< e

I don’t see why not. We pay to play, I think its reasonable to expect a certain level of service. I think the AS team usually goes well above and beyond that level. I don’t think they did with the implementation of the new aircraft market.

Why should you automatically be able to sell anything at the accounting book value? The whole point of the new a/c market is that prices will fluctuate in accordance with real market forces. If no one will pay 17.1 million for your assets then they apparently they aren’t actually worth that much.

The auto buyback is a backstop to allow you to get rid of aircraft that there is literally no market for (basically in lieu of scrapping).


why don´t you just offer them at 100% book value and see what happens.

Book value is 17,1m, the first bid has to be +5% of list price (5,7m in your case), so you would be offering them for 22.8m

Noone will probably buy them for that, but if someone choses Leasing (offical) at a leasing rate of 114.000 , then AS will buy your planes for 22.8m and will lease them out and you´ll get the 22.8m

And at a leasing rate of 114.000 for a 767-300ER I´m quite optmistical that someone will take those planes.

So don´t worry, just try it


I’m simply exposing a problem which is serious since it affects your balance sheet. I do realize that there’s people working behind this game, but this does not mean that if there’s a problem we just have to shut up just because “we should appreciate their hard work”, it’s not an excuse. There are some serious issues about this update which need to be discussed about, I’m not into bitching at all.

This is a serious problem, and I’ll explain You why: if my 767s will be acquired for a price of 11,4 mios instead of their book value of 17,1, meaning that they’ll loose 33% of their book value. Right now 90% of my fleet is owned, straight from my balance sheet 3,271,138,694 AS$, cut that by a third and I’ll loose more than 1 billion.

Now, is that right? Shoud I be happy about that and not complain at all? Those players who chose to buy their planes are now heavily penalized by this issue, so I think it’s worth to discuss and have some clarifications about this.

If nobody wants to buy them at book value then maybe they r not worth what you think.

Everybody needs to takes a serious chill pill and accept the fact that this is how the game is now and how you will change the way you go about things to continue running a profitable airline : it’s called “natural selection” I believes ;)

From your posts in the forum it appears like You’ve just started playing this game, so let’s talk about natural selection and chill pill when Your airline is amongst the top 5 in the ASIX index of the server You’re playing in and has a 4.5 billion balance sheet.

The ambassadors of the ancient Republic of Venice which ruled the Mediterranean area for eleven centuries were given an advice to better absolve their duties: "Prima di parlare, taci" which could be translated as “think twice before you speak”. As You believe in natural selection, I believe You could benefit from that centuries old advice.


It’s not “what I think” as You say, it’s simply is that until a week ago they were valued a third more than what they’re now, so yes, I’m quite pissed off, I’d like to see how You would react knowing that you could potentially loose 1 billion (in case you don’t know it’s a thousand million, or a hundred times the amount You receive when you start playing AirlineSim) in your balance.




Why do you want to sell them? 767 is a good plane (unless you’re having the horrible 767-200)

One of the things about internet forums - which a lot of people don’t think about or realise - is that, while the participants in a conversation or argument rarely change each others’ minds, there are usually several times as many people just reading what’s posted than there are participating in a conversation. So - threads like these are important, because they allow us to get information across to people who want to know things but for whatever reason don’t want to ask. This sort of response - ‘sit down and shut up’ - does no-one any good. Least of all us - we’re all adults here, we’re capable of dealing with criticism and really don’t need white-knighting.

Well, balance sheets are an accounting tool, not a predictive tool; they tell you what an accountant (or, in this case, a computer) thinks your stuff should be worth. So, if you can’t sell your 767s for what you paid for them…that’s just too bad. You could put some active effort into trying to sell them (ie do more than just toss them onto the market and forget about them) if it’s a big deal. However…because they are pre-new-market aircraft, they won’t depreciate to zero - ie if you put them on the market at 10% you will get at least what you would have paid for a fully depreciated one prior to the new market system (because AS will enter a minimum bid, ie the price you set + 5% of that price as a bid - and it being an inherited aircraft your sale price can’t go under 10% of the o.p.p until the aircraft depreciates further, which won’t happen until you move it out of Australis, meaning you’ll get 15% - ie the pre-new-market fully depreciated price. I hope that made sense! & also that I haven’t misunderstood the way it works, but I don’t think I have.) - and that’s as mhk says if noone’s willing to pay more, which they may well be.

So - in actual fact you, in this specific instance, aren’t looking at a particularly major loss of money, if any. Any aircraft you buy off the new market aren’t subject to these restrictions, however…so plan accordingly.

Finally some light has been shed, thanks a lot Prairiecentral. Since they were fully depreciated when I bought them, I won’t realize any loss when AS Aircraft will buy them back. I 'm really relieved now, I owe You a drink :D