Doha Airport

Yesterday the first plane arrived at the new Doha International Airport, and 10 airlines will be using it from now on. Any news from the AS group, when we will see the airport in action, in the game? Doha is usually a pretty crowded airport.

The official day when “everything” moves, should be may 27th.



If I understand it correctly, this was a soft opening limited to 10 low cost airlines. The remainder of operators will start their operations May 28, 2014 including the major carrier Qatar Airways.

That's right, we will have it with the next data patch which will be not before June.

I just love those fast replies from AS. Thanks for the info SK! :-)

You're welcome ;)

How is this actually done? Is the new airport started with all slots available or is everything transferred?


Great.. otherwise my efforts in HER would be nullified...  

So there will be increased slot availability correct?

You will see :P

Wow, suprising news!!!

Well, can you guys plz delivere an early info for this, as i am nr.1 in Doha on 2 different servers!?

If i get it right, i dont have to do anything, and the flights will be transfered to the new airport, and the old will still be available? would be nice for detailed infos, so i eventualy can take a day off for this, if there is any major work needet for my side, thx :)

Some parts are correct ... you don't have to do anything. Like in reality the new airport is replacing the old one. The location will be adjusted (it's "next door" to the old one) and - yes - the slots increased. The old one is not in use afterwards.

So is it fair to assume that slots will double up? As the new airport has two runways (not sure how many are open) v one runway at the old airport.

Since the rwys are more than 1500m apart and can thus be operated independently, it is safe to assume there will be 10 slots per five minutes.

Thanks sk so far! Well, that the slots will be doubbelet, that a big impact allready, sure new Operators will Pop up, as its an open market!