Domination II now open

The Domination II game world has opened today.

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I have been off AS for a few years and I am just getting reacquainted with current events. Just yesterday, I joined the new Domination II world, but I have a question about the rules. On the domination server, is it total air freedom? Are airlines registered in one part of the world allowed to transport passengers in another part without regards to the usual air freedom rights? Could an European Airline simply set up a scheduled flight between Cairo and Addis Ababa?? There doesn’t see to be clarity on the limits of the rights in the instruction. Could you please break it down? Thanks.

Traffic rights per airline still work as usual - the difference only is that you can found subsidiaries in any other country around the world and it’ll get the local traffic rights (like you probably know from the list of some countries that have always accepted foreign investment).

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Thank you for the clarification.

I have another question - in Domination II, are holding subsidiaries able to interline with each other? Or are those rules just as they were before? In other words, would my subsidiary in France be able to interline with my subsidiary in Morocco??

Subsidiaries that belong to the same holding can always interline - therefore on the Domination game world, you’re allowed to interline freely with all your airlines.

Thank you for your time. Well understood,